Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday Evening

This evening was a short swim workout. I warmed up and swam five two hundred meter intervals. Each was at about 3:40.

Swim: 5 x 200 @ 3:40minutes

I swam beside someone much better than me. It was the first time...ever? He was almost twice as fast as I was. It was humbling and reminded me that I really need to keep training.

In other news, my right knee hurts. Just a little, only for a split second at a time. Sharp, seemingly random pain. I have experienced it before, so it will probably be gone tomorrow.

Tomorrow is another swim. It is supposed to be recovery. I am not entirely sure what that means. However, it is 4 x 300m.

Tomorrow is also a run day. 30 minutes at about a RPE 2-3.

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