Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday night

Between trying to work on my second qualifying paper and working out I have time for nothing else. Today I was at Starbucks by 6am, worked until 11am, swam for an hour, and went back until 8pm. I kept reading at home (which I am still doing) and will go to bed within about 10 minutes. I hope to keep up the same pace for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, I have two workouts.  The first is a swim speed workout in the morning:

400m warm up
8 x100m (Easy, build, easy, hard)
200m cool down

The second, in the afternoon, is a bike:

75 minutes of a pretty easy base with regular accelerations.

That should be about 105 minutes of workout tomorrow.  I didn't go food shopping today so I am not sure what my diet will be like tomorrow. I also need to start considering a trip to the bike store.

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  1. I just got my triathlon training schedule, to start 8 weeks before I do my triathlon. The first workout coincides with the day I return from Japan in May. I might skip the first day of the workout schedule as I will have been traveling for 15 hours or more that day!