Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Morning

I slept in this morning. I slept in because I was tired and needed the sleep.  I also slept in because I forgot to set my alarm.

Today is a 60 minute very easy bike or spin.  I will spin and watch half of a movie.  The problem with the spin bikes is that you can really only measure time and your perceived exertion. There is no way to get distance, or elevation or anything like that.  However, this is fine today because I am really taking it easy.

Also, if I have energy and time I may do a second weight workout. I will need to wait until late afternoon to have enough time to recover from the bike. I am also a little wary because tomorrow is a 1000meter swim time trail, so I would like to feel sufficiently rested for it.  I am not sure what to do yet. Here it is:

one leg squat, 
db handle push up, 
cable lateral cross, in
db shoulder press
lying hip flex, up
Hammer curl,
single calf raise, 
shoulder retraction, 
lateral raise, 

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