Monday, March 7, 2011

triathletelinguist: first post

I have made a preliminary schedule for my races and training for the summer and fall of 2011. I am signed up for two big races, each a 1/2 Ironman, the Mooseman and the Timberman in New Hampshire on July 5th and Aug. 22nd respectively. I plan on signing up for a third 1/2 Ironman on Oct. 2nd, in Eastern Long Island, the Mightyman.

This blog is to keep track of my training, races and results along with trying to schedule everything and make sure that I am prepared, from my transitions and nutrition to making sure that I have all of the items that I need, from GU to the right bike, shoes, and helmet. I will keep track of my training and training schedule, my tentative race schedule, the races, their location, and my results. I hope that by keeping them in one place I can compare them and see what works for training and racing and what does not. Some of my workouts are the same over the course of a few weeks or months so I can measure and track my improvement. What foods I eat before the big days is important too, so I will keep track of that here and figure out what I can and cannot eat before 2 or more hours of exercise.

Right now, I am in approximately my 10th week or so of training. I can bike for at least 2 hours, run for an hour and a half and swim at least 45 minutes or about a mile and half. I might be able to do more, but this is all that my training has called for thus far so I am trying not to over do it.

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