Saturday, April 30, 2011


At about 4pm today I realized that my feet had stopped aching and felt fine.  It took about 2 days to fully recover.  I feel fine now.  Tomorrow is a very long (2.5 hour) bike outside for the first time. I am not sure what to think.  It is going to be followed up by a short 20 minute run directly afterwards.  So, about 3 hours or training for tomorrow.  Next week is an 'off' week so a combined total of only 5 hours of training.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Tomorrow is a two hour run. I am bringing along three GU packets, 1 Chomps package and a bottle of gatorade.  I think that I need to start at about 6:30 am in order to have time for it tomorrow. Yikes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Half a day done!

I only managed half of my workout today (or maybe two-thirds?).

I biked for 45 minutes relatively hard and immediately (3 minutes) got onto the treadmill and ran for 30 minutes at a pace a little faster than my usual (that's only about a 9:50 mile right now) but felt pretty good about it.

However, I did not manage to finish my swim. Or start it.  I didn't have the energy and I needed to get work done.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Break day

I took today off. My body was too sore from yesterday and I didn't want to push it.  Here is what I did do though.

I ate:
tall starbucks skinny mocha
bagel and cream cheese
small chicken and rice
some pretzels
pasta and marinara sauce
chocolate milk

Pretty low on the veggies and fiber today but I have a long workout tomorrow and a second medium workout so I am trying to eat high on the carbs but low fiber.  I hope to start keeping better track of this because I have not been losing the weight that I have wanted to.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I managed to finish today's workout.  The original goal was to run for 25 minutes, bike for 2 hours and run another 25 minutes. I ended up choosing the shorter version of the suggested workout and only biking for an hour and a half.  So, I ran for 50 minutes and biked for an hour and a half.

1 Gu
1 Chomps
2 servings Gatorade
1/2 Chocolate power bar

I lost about 5 lbs of sweat during the workout despite drinking and eating. I felt fine throughout it though right now, about 4 hours later my legs are a little tired and my feet are pretty sore.  I will ice more later, drink water and see how I feel tomorrow.

So, tomorrow's workout is a long swim and there is a very difficult Tuesday and Thursday this week.

I'm late.

Today is a 3 hour workout. I am late, however.  I was supposed to have started already but I woke up late, and still have preparations to do.  My movie is not downloaded, I needed food and some time for it to settle and I still need to get some water.

Here it is:

Run: 25 minutes
Bike: 120 minutes
Run: 25 minutes

Friday, April 22, 2011


On tuesday I swam for 30 minutes and biked for 45 minutes.


Today was the first day of real soreness since I began training.  My calves and feet are sore to the point that my walking is slowed and I can feel it while standing up and putting my weight on them.

I ran for 90 minutes yesterday and then biked for 30.  I ran for 45 minutes the day before.  I was tired and a little worn out afterwards but I still felt pretty good.  However, I worry that I didn't take care of myself sufficiently yesterday and I am paying for it today. I did not eat soon enough after finishing, nor did I drink enough water throughout the rest of the day.   Lastly, I didn't ice.  Maybe it was two days of running in a row or maybe it was not being careful enough about my post-workout routine but either way, I can feel it.

[[During the run I ate a chocolate bar, some gummy bears, and drank gatorade]]

I am supposed to swim today but swinging my arms for an hour and half yesterday has left my back sore.  I am going to take today off, maybe swim a little Saturday and get a long workout in on Sunday.  Sunday is supposed to be a short run, long bike, short run.  I should be fine for that.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


3 hours of exercise completed. The swim was a little difficult and interspersed with some short 10 second breaks.  The bike went well and I ran 2.75 on the treadmill.

I ate a bagel, tall mocha, one Gu packet, one powerbar, one Gu Chomps bag, and four servings of gatorade and one bottle of water.

I finished strong and with energy left.  I did feel a little worn out for the rest of the day but no soreness.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I am back.

Ok. I had about a week or so more off and now I am back. I am afraid of what I lost after sleeping for days and not exercising but I will find out tomorrow.  Tomorrows workout is:

Swim 30 minutes
Bike 120 minutes
Run 30 minutes.

So, 3 hours of exercise to test myself.  We'll see how it goes. I treated tonight like a pre-race night, and will treat tomorrow like a normal, if not slightly more relaxed, race day.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Dear Readers....

I have been sick. My recovery has been slow and I am regularly tired. I have little desire to exercise and I am concerned about what a week or so off has done. My race goals might have to be changed from a certain time to just finishing.  Ugh.  Little obstacles.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Swim cancellation!

I am canceling my swim.  I am saying that it is so I can watch some videos on Total Immersion Swimming but really it is because I am in no mood to drive to the gym, get wet, exercise, and then drive back just for a short swim.


The videos are interesting thus far, so it should be useful.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Fewer posts

There have been fewer posts these last few days but I have made up for it with biking. I spent 2 1/2 hours on the bike today and 90 minutes yesterday followed by an easy 30 minute run.  Both days felt pretty good.  My legs feel fine right now after 3 weeks of hard training (minus a 3 days of workouts?).

This upcoming week is an off week. I might try to start adding some more strength training to my routine, and start working harder on my nutrition. I am watching Food Inc. on the bike so I may want to stop eating meat all together after that.   Either way, I need to eat more carefully and spend less money.  

This week ends with a another swim time trial of 1000 meters and a 10k race on Sunday if I can find one.

Eat more healthy foods.
Get in 3 days of strength or core training this week.

Weight last night:
203 lbs!

Friday, April 1, 2011

day off

The schedule called for a swim and a run today. I slept in, carted the speaker around, attended meals and meetings and decided to take today off. I have two long days of biking tomorrow and the day after so having some extra time to heal is probably worth it. I feel guilty about it but I could not add in exercise time today without sacrificing some time dedicated to my QPs.

I did bike for an hour yesterday.