Friday, April 22, 2011


Today was the first day of real soreness since I began training.  My calves and feet are sore to the point that my walking is slowed and I can feel it while standing up and putting my weight on them.

I ran for 90 minutes yesterday and then biked for 30.  I ran for 45 minutes the day before.  I was tired and a little worn out afterwards but I still felt pretty good.  However, I worry that I didn't take care of myself sufficiently yesterday and I am paying for it today. I did not eat soon enough after finishing, nor did I drink enough water throughout the rest of the day.   Lastly, I didn't ice.  Maybe it was two days of running in a row or maybe it was not being careful enough about my post-workout routine but either way, I can feel it.

[[During the run I ate a chocolate bar, some gummy bears, and drank gatorade]]

I am supposed to swim today but swinging my arms for an hour and half yesterday has left my back sore.  I am going to take today off, maybe swim a little Saturday and get a long workout in on Sunday.  Sunday is supposed to be a short run, long bike, short run.  I should be fine for that.

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