Sunday, April 24, 2011


I managed to finish today's workout.  The original goal was to run for 25 minutes, bike for 2 hours and run another 25 minutes. I ended up choosing the shorter version of the suggested workout and only biking for an hour and a half.  So, I ran for 50 minutes and biked for an hour and a half.

1 Gu
1 Chomps
2 servings Gatorade
1/2 Chocolate power bar

I lost about 5 lbs of sweat during the workout despite drinking and eating. I felt fine throughout it though right now, about 4 hours later my legs are a little tired and my feet are pretty sore.  I will ice more later, drink water and see how I feel tomorrow.

So, tomorrow's workout is a long swim and there is a very difficult Tuesday and Thursday this week.

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