Friday, June 17, 2011

I am back.

I am back but not in my capacity of either a linguist or a triathlete.  I am back to say that those are goals to be accomplished in the very near future but I am not there yet.

I am also back to keep track of more than just my physical training. I am back to start keeping track of my other training, my mental training and studying.  There are a few fields that I think would valuable for me to start reviewing, for linguistics and whatever other path I go down (well, not Sumerian, that is probably only valuable to linguistics).

So, here goes. Yesterday I read the first chapter of a book Calculus Made Easy and Structural Geology, each which I hope to read a little bit of each week.  Today I will also spend some time setting up a timeline for Sumerian, French, German and Morphology.  I hope to accomplish more now than I have ever before because I seem much more capable of sitting down and getting myself to work for many hours straight and I cannot afford to lose that ability if I mean to keep going with my studies.

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